Arc welding robots

There are many types of welding, but arc welding robots are one of the most popular. Arc welding is a fusion welding process using an electric arc to produce the necessary heat for joining metals between the electrode and workpiece. Robotic arms provide an effective manufacturing solution for assembly applications.

We can find many types of manufacturing applications, but welding robots are popular in car manufacturing for welding the parts and components of the interior and exterior of the automobile in a simpler way.

Moreover, robotic arms are programmable machines and can be used for any type of welding application. Also, integrating sensors and controllers allows robots to perform a more steady and uniform weld.

Basic Steps for Arc Welding

  • Prepare the workpiece by removing any rust or paint
  • Choose the right filler material based on the part to be weld
  • Ensure to select the proper welding process
  • Follow all welding safety standards
  • Protect the molten puddle from any air contaminations
  • Inspect the weld.
Robotic Welding

Robots Reduce Health Hazards

Welding robots are robust and reliable for arc welding processes with minimum or no errors leaving the workpiece in optimal and impeccable condition.

Usually, the welder creates an electric arc that melts the base metals and the consumable filler metal together so that they all fuse into one solid piece of metal.  Also, this process creates an intense heat not very healthy for the welder. However, welding robots are capable of resisting extreme heat without any future consequences.

Arc Welding Process

Robot welding provides very consistent weld and high-end quality welds while reducing the risk of health hazards.

Welding Robots enhance efficiency in the welding process. For this reason, arc welding robots are used extensively in the automotive industry, steel structures, metal fabrication, and industrial fabrication. For example, pipelines, cars, and buses assemblies’ lines, steel towers to mention some of them.

10 Advantages of Robotic Welding

  1. Arc welding robot can weld iron and steels, stainless steel, aluminium, copper alloys and nickel.
  2. The robot can weld different types of welding by adapting the welding system.
  3. Fast return on investment – Robot Calculator Tool
  4. Arc welding is growing in popularity
  5. Is popular in the maintenance and repair industry
  6. Process is reliable
  7. Easy to program
  8. Reduce injury to the staff
  9. The process is fast, reliable and consistent
  10. Higher quality weld


Customise Welding Robot Cell System

All our reconditioned welding robots are thoroughly tested and painted before shipping.

We offer new robots or used robots for arc welding from any name-brand manufacturers such as ABB robots, KUKA robots, FANUC robots, and Motoman or if you are looking for robot spares, we would provide for you.

Also, Robot Store offers customised arc welding cells, including robot training, robot programming, and after-sales customer support. Also, our engineers help you to choose the right type of welding robot that best fits your product requirement.

ABB welding robots

Robotic Welding Global Market

According to a new recent report said: “The robotic welding market has witnessed significant growth over the past decade, owing to the rise in advantages in robotic welding such as durability and robotics technologies. Moreover, an increase in the penetration of IoT and investment in the car industry is expected to drive the growth of the global market.”

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