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Why Do You Need Robot Parts?

Robot Store provides robot spares based on your needs and budget. Also, we recommend our customers to keep onsite some basic and advance industrial robot parts packages, as follow: 

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We offer a wide range of parts compatible with various models and brands. Additionally, our sales team is always ready to assist and guide customers with their industrial purchasing decisions.

Industrial parts, from motors and sensors to gears and control systems, require specialised knowledge. Therefore, it’s vital for operators to invest in reliable original parts that meet demands, minimise costs, and reduce risks.

  • All  Basic Robot Spares
  • Servo Motors
  • Controller CPU’s
  • I/O Modules
  • Servo Packages
  • Wiring Harnesses

Basic Robot Spares

As a robot owner, it is vital to have basic spare parts. Therefore, motors, sensors, wiring, batteries, and hardware are all essential. However, it is important to research or seek advice from an expert on which parts are necessary to avoid expensive downtime and repairs. Additionally, keeping spare parts on-hand can reduce recovery time when your robot breaks down.

Buy original robot spares from us to keep your robot running smoothly. Order now and get your robot back up and running quickly. Basic parts include:

  • Batteries
  • Lubricants
  • Relays
  • Controller Fans
  • Cables

Which parts of the robot commonly experience wear and tear?

Industrial robots are complex machines equipped with numerous components. While all of these elements are essential, some of them are more susceptible to wear and tear than others. Some of the parts that are prone to wear and tear include gears, bearings, belts, motors, and some sensors. However, these parts are subject to constant use, and the constant movement involved causes them to wear out over time.

Therefore, it is essential to conduct regular maintenance checks on your industrial robots to detect any wear and tear and undertake necessary repairs or replacements, thus minimising downtime and reducing operational costs in the long run. Consult with an integrator if you have any questions or concerns about the specific components of your robotic system. Additionally, keep an inventory of these parts in storage to avoid plant downtime.

Recommended Robot Spares to Keep in Your Inventory

Keeping spare parts on hand for an industrial robot can help minimize downtime in the event of a breakdown or malfunction. The specific parts that should be kept in stock will depend on the type of robot, its age, and the tasks it performs. 

 However, some commonly recommended industrial robot parts to have in stock include:

  1. End-effectors: End-effectors such as grippers, welding torches, and other tools can experience significant wear and tear.

  2. Joints and gears: They can also experience wear and tear.

  3. Bearings and bushings: These are essential for reducing friction in the robot’s moving parts and can experience wear over time.

  4. Motors and drives: These are essential components of the robot’s manipulator and control system and can be prone to failure.

  5. Cables and wiring: They are critical components of the robot’s control system and can be damaged or worn over time.

  6. Sensors: Sensors are essential for the robot’s control system and can be prone to failure or damage.

Reduce Downtime with the Right Spare Parts

It is important to note that the specific parts to have in stock will depend on the particular robot model and the tasks it performs. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations or to work with a qualified technician to identify the most critical spare parts to have on hand.

Industrial robot parts
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What are the most significant parts of an industrial robot?

Industrial robots are highly sophisticated machines designed to execute complex and repetitive tasks with precision and accuracy. Consequently, they are composed of various components that work together to make them effective in different industrial processes. Therefore, the essential parts of an industrial robot include the robot arm, end effector, control panel, and communication networks.

The robot arm is responsible for carrying out programmed tasks, making it the most vital component of the industrial robot. The end effector is responsible for manipulating objects and carrying out specific actions to achieve desired results. Meanwhile, the control panel provides the interface used to program, monitor, and control the robot. Furthermore, communication networks provide the necessary connectivity for the robot to exchange data with other devices/systems.

Thus, industrial robots are a vital tool for different industries as they improve production processes, increase efficiency and productivity, and significantly reduce costs.

Industrial robot parts

Enquire at your local Robot Spares

At Robot Store, we have a wide range of original industrial robot spares from various manufacturers, including ABB, KUKA, Fanuc, Motoman, and more. These genuine parts are critical to avoid robot breakdowns, considering the increasing demand for authentic components in the rapidly-growing robotic market.

We highly suggest that you maintain a stock of essential robot spares to prevent any disruptions or downtime. We recommend having one of each type of drive, main power supply, and an exchange PC. Also, a cloned spare hard drive on hand in case of hard drive failure to be prepared for any situation.

Also, we offer reconditioned robots that provide excellent value for money. Please take a look at our robot price list for ABB robot parts, KUKA robot spares, Fanuc robot spares, and more.

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