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Let’s take the first step together and help you with your ABB robots for sale, such as the ABB Robot IRB6400, ABB Robot IRB6600, or ABB Robot IRB4400. We are here every step of the way by providing a large inventory of refurbished ABB robots, as well as new robots.

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Why consider a refurbished ABB robot?

When evaluating the purchase of an industrial robot, one might find cost to be a significant factor. Therefore, a refurbished ABB robot could be a viable option for your business. Refurbished robots are pre-owned models that have been restored to their original functionality by experts in the field, and this process is carried out using genuine ABB parts. As a result, they can be a cost-effective alternative to a brand-new ABB robot. In addition, purchasing a refurbished robot can minimize the time and resources required for deployment as the robot will likely have already been tested and configured to meet common application requirements. Moreover, refurbished robots provide a sustainable option that reduces the manufacturing carbon footprint.

By considering a refurbished ABB robot, you can enhance your production capabilities, achieve a faster ROI, and contribute to a greener environment. Additionally, they help companies achieve quick returns on their investment and cost savings.

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New ABB Robots or Refurbished ABB robots

Most Popular ABB Robots

ABB robots are well known for their high quality, precision, and reliability. They are ideal for various manufacturing processes, including welding, material handling, assembly, and painting.

Some of the most popular ABB robots used today are the ABB IRB 140, IRB 2600, and IRB 4600.

  • The IRB 140 is a compact robot suitable for smaller workplaces, capable of handling payloads up to 6 kg, and has a reach of 810 mm.
  • The IRB 2600 is a versatile robot ideal for various manufacturing processes, with a payload capacity of up to 20 kg and a reach of up to 1.65 meters.
  • The IRB 4600 is a high-performance robot designed for heavy-duty applications, with a payload capacity of up to 60 kg and a reach of up to 2.55 meters.

Furthermore, there are other popular models such as the IRB6400, ABB IRB6600, IRB4400, IRB 360 FlexPicker for pick-and-pack, IRB 2600 for accurate material handling, and IRB 4600 for assembly and welding. Moreover, many industries such as healthcare, automotive, and food and beverage are using these robots. ABB robots are precise, quick, and flexible, and enhance companies’ efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. Therefore, with their advanced features and capabilities, ABB robots remain a top choice for manufacturers worldwide.


The ABB IRB6400 is one of the most installed robots in the world the 6400R is the latest revision of this arm.

150kg2.5mThe standard IRB 6400R model
120kg2.5mFitted with different axis 3 motor and modified parameters (2)
200kg 2.5mFitted with uprates axis 2 motors (1), (2)
150kg 2.8mFitted with 345mm upper arm extension (1), (2)
200kg 2.8mFitted with uprated axis 2 motor and 458kg weight – (2)
100kg 3.0mFitted with various axis 3 motor 550mm robot extension and 309kg  weight

(1) heavier 309kg balance weight  (2) some axis slightly faster

ABB reconditioned robots

Download ABB IRB6400 Specifications



Consider the used ABB  IRB6400R for high-quality industrial performance. With six axes and a 200 kg payload, it offers precision and versatility at a more affordable price. Improve your operations and output with this reliable and efficient design.

Get an idea of estimate of the price of the ABB Robot IRB6400 for sale. However, please bear in mind prices varies. Contact us for an accurate quote based on your needs and the robot application.

Refurbished ABB Robots IRB 6400R

Most common used industrial ABB Robots
ABB IRB 6400R S4C120kg2,500mm£6,000
ABB IRB 6400RS4C+120kg2,500mm£10,000
ABB IRB 6400RS4C150kg2,500mm£6,000
ABB IRB 6400RS4C+150kg2,500mm£10,000
ABB IRB 6400RIRC5200kg2,500mm£13,000
ABB IRB 6400RS4C200kg2,500mm£6,000
ABB IRB 6400RS4C+200kg2,500mm£10,000
ABB IRB 6400RS4C150kg2,800mm£6,000
ABB IRB 6400RS4C+150kg2,800mm£10,000
ABB IRB 6400RIRC5150kg2,800mm£13,000
ABB IRB 6400RS4C200kg2,800mm£6,000
ABB IRB 6400RS4C+200kg2,800mm£10,000
ABB IRB 6400RS4C100kg3,000mm£6,000
ABB IRB 6400RS4C+100kg3,000mm£10,000

ABB Arm Controllers

The S4C controller is an advanced version of the S4. The letter “C” denotes compact, and, indeed, this controller is much smaller and shorter than the S4. While much of the computer system remained the same, some upgrades were added to both hardware and software, especially on the later M98 S4C. Consequently, the S4C controller is well-known for its stability and reliability, having a faster boot-up time than many current models, which results in minimum downtime.

The S4C+ has a PC-style computer that allows greater connectivity and is much more powerful than its predecessors. Therefore, it shares similarities with the S4C, including the servo drive system, the programming language, and the teach pendant.

ABB Robots for sale

Robot Store offers affordable used ABB robots for sale. All robots are tested before shipment. Our management team supports you in choosing the best robot for your needs. Furthermore, we offer integration in case you need it to ensure the successful purchase of your robot. We are not limited to any particular robot manufacturer. All robots are refurbished, tested, and repainted before shipping and provide a 3-month warranty. However, most used industrial robots have around 20,000 hours, though this may vary.  See ABB statistics. We also carry original ABB spares and KUKA robots for sale.


The ABB IRB6600 is a high-performance industrial robot, ideal for manufacturing and automating tasks. With its six axes of motion and precise control, it improves efficiency by performing repetitive tasks quickly and consistently. Its advanced features and robust design make it an excellent choice for streamlining production processes, reducing overhead, and delivering consistent performance day-after-day. Therefore, consider investing in the ABB IRB6600 if you want to take your manufacturing operations to the next level and experience the benefits of automation firsthand.

The ABB IRB 6600 family includes eight robot configurations, including the IRB 6620 and IRB 6650 models with varying payloads and reaches. See the table below for more information:

175kg2.55mIRB 6600
225kg2.55mIRB 6600
175kg2.8mIRB 6600
150kg2.2mIRB 6620
125kg3.2mIRB 6650
ABB refurbished robots

Download ABB IRB6600 Specifications

Our ABB Robot Price

We would like to provide you with an honest idea of the price to expect when investing in a fully reconditioned ABB Robot IRB6600. However, our prices are based on availability and may vary according to the robotic market.

Industrial robot arms

Used ABB Robot IRB 6600

Popular ABB Robots for manufacturing applications



The ABB IRB4400 is a versatile six-axis robot designed for various industrial applications including welding, painting, and material handling. The robot has a payload capacity of 60kg and a compact design, making it perfect for handling heavy materials and fitting into tight spaces. The controller is user-friendly and offers advanced features and capabilities.

The ABB Robot IRB4400 is available in four different configurations, with the standard and 60kg versions being the most common. The table below shows the robot’s payload, reach, and notes for each configuration.

45kg1.95mThe standard IRB 4400-45 model
60kg1.95mThe larger payload IRB 4400-60 version
30kg2.46mThe IRB 4400L-30 is a 30kg payload longer arm version
10kg2.55mThe  IRB 4400L-10 has an even longer arm version with a 10kg payload


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Download ABB Robot IRB4400 Specifications

Refurbished Robots At Good Value

We offer a variety of refurbished robots at great prices. Each robot is thoroughly tested, inspected, and cleaned to meet our standards. Additionally, our team carefully selects only top-quality robots from reliable manufacturers. Therefore, we understand that buying a robot is a big investment, so we aim to provide excellent value for your money. Our selection includes industrial robots such as Fanuc, KUKA, Motoman. Contact us to learn more and find the perfect robot for your needs.





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