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Looking to buy a robot? Or are you searching for high-quality and affordable reconditioned robots? Let’s take the first step together and help you find new, refurbished, or reconditioned robots for sale.

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Do you want to buy a robot? Check out our certified and affordable reconditioned robots, fully tested and inspected for exceptional performance and perfect for your manufacturing needs. We offer full safety measures and premium service, and have a large inventory of refurbished robots and integration packages. Contact us for more information.

Certified Reconditioned Robots

Please keep in mind that is very high demand at the present for reconditioned robots. However, there are a lot of robots currently in stock and there is a constant throughput of robots going out. So, it may be the case that our inventory is not updated, please feel free to email us if the robot you are looking for is not in list.

ABB Reconditioned robots

ABB Reconditioned Robots

Our certified ABB robots for sale come ready for integration into a world of the manufacturing process.


KUKA Reconditioned Robots

Robot Store provides certified refurbished KUKA robots at good value.  All our KUKA robots are fully tested before shipping.

FANUC robotic for sale

FANUC Reconditioned Robots

We provide a wide range of used FANUC robots from small to robust robots. Low Cost FANUC Robot Arm.

Buy a robot with us. We offer custom robotic automation services to help you overcome industry challenges. Please contact us for more information.

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All Robotic Automation Solutions In One Place

Robotics & Integration

We offer a wide range of robots, both new and used, to fit your needs and budget. Our team provides guidance and ongoing support to ensure you make the best purchasing decision. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Robotic Simulation

We test our robotic solutions with simulation tools to ensure success, demonstrating our commitment to excellence for clients.

Robotic Simulation

Whether you are looking to prove that a robotic arm process works with your production line, or you simply don't want to interrupt or stop your production to simulate the process, you can contact Robot Store for assistance.

Robotic Training

We customize robot training programs for various industries and models, ensuring safe and efficient operation at every level.

Robotic Training Courses

1. Basic to Intermediate Techinical Robotic Course
2. Intermediate Maintenance and diagnostic
3. Advanced Programming & Technical Robotic training course.

Programming Robots

We offer programming or a full solution. Our expert team crafts tailored solutions to meet your requirements. Contact us now!

Programming Robotic Arms

We offer programming services that meet your needs, whether you want complete programming for your robot or customised options. Contact us to take your robotics project to the next level!

Robotic Integration

Trust our team to guide you from consultation to installation and support. Elevate your business with our Robotic Integration solutions.

Robotic Commissioning or TurnKey Solutions

Whether you want a complete turnkey robotic solution or you are looking to reduce the cost of robot integration by doing some of the work under your own supervision, we are here to help you. Please call us.

What are Reconditoned Robots?

Reconditioned robots are a type of industrial robot that has undergone a thorough process of refurbishment, repair and testing by skilled technicians to ensure they meet the same standards as new robots. These robots are typically sourced from manufacturers, companies that have upgraded their facilities or changed their production lines, or from robots that were returned for minor issues that have since been resolved.

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The reconditioning Process

The process of reconditioning involves inspecting and replacing any faulty or worn-out components, cleaning and repainting the robot to make it look as good as new, and testing it to ensure it meets the same specifications, functionalities, and safety requirements as new robots. These robots are often an affordable option for businesses that want to automate their production line without committing to the purchase of a brand-new robot. In summary, reconditioned robots offer a cheaper alternative to new robots while still providing the quality and reliability that meets industry standards. However, it’s important to purchase reconditioned robots from reputable suppliers who have the expertise and experience to properly recondition and test the robots before reselling them.

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Advantages of Reconditioned Robots

There are a few key differences between new and recoditioned robots that should be considered before making a decision on which one to purchase.

  1. Lower Cost: One of the most obvious differences is the cost. Reconditioned Robots are typically much cheaper than new ones, although the price can vary depending on the age and condition of the robot.

  2. Availability: Reconditioned robots are readily available from dealers and brokers.

  3. Proven performance: Used industrial robots have a track record of performance, which provides assurance to the buyer that the product has been tested and proven to work.

  4. Shorter lead times: Refurbished robots can be purchased and delivered quickly, reducing production delays.

Ultimately, the decision between a new or reconditioned robot will depend on your specific needs and budget. It’s important to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option and make an informed decision.

Robotic Automation Solutions

As well as the robot, we also provide Fanuc Robots parts, ABB robotics parts, KUKA robot parts and others.So, request our complete robotic integration solutions.

Customised Robotic Systems

Refurbished robot

Customised Robotic Systems Integration Packages

Our robotic systems integration package include the refurbished robot, integration, programming, training and simulation if require. Of course, we guide you where you can safe some costs.


We meet UK robotics standards

Our team is committed to upholding high standards and providing the best robotics options for our clients. Choose us for peace of mind and reliability for your integration needs. From milling, palletising to painting or welding integration, we are here for you.

Industrial Robot Market in the UK

Robot installations reached a record 517,385 in 2021 - a 31% increase from last year and 22% higher than the 2018 record. Electronics and automotive led the growth, followed by metal, plastic, chemical, and food and beverage sectors. However, despite supply chain and local issues, major industries witnessed growth.

Robotic System Integration Support

We offer support for integrating robotic systems, including the use of robots, control systems, and sensors to enhance productivity, quality, and safety while reducing costs. Moreover, our electrical engineers and computer programmers can assist you in implementing or upgrading your system and troubleshooting any existing issues to maintain peak performance.
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Robots for all Manufacturing

In the United Kingdom, the manufacturing sector is increasingly using industrial robots. However, the previous years’ statistics on robotics in the UK showed that robots were not very popular. Today, it is clear that robots’ impact on the UK will significantly increase in this sector. To learn more, visit the IFR.  Therefore, Robots are easy to use and are helping to enhance performance in the production process at a competitive cost.

Buy a Reconditioned Robots

Buy a reconditioned robot for a reliable and affordable performance equivalent to new robots. Our inspected robots meet industry standards, and you’ll be confident in owning a certified product at a lower price. Moreover, we can provide convenient options tailored to your specific robotic needs. Invest in a customised solution that meets your requirements. Get a reconditioned robot today!

Learn More about Robots in Manufacturing

Robotic Cell Main Components

Get expert guidance for all of your robotics needs. Check out the main components to make informed decisions that will benefit your business.

What do these terms mean?

Robotic Automated Process

Payload is the weight that the robot can lift, including: (1) the weight of the Arm Tooling (EOAT) (2) the weight of the product that the robot will lift up.”

Reach of the robot

Robot reach refers to the distance between the (1) center of the robot and the (2) reach of the product. This dimension determines the robot’s (3) work envelope or working area.

End of Robot Arm Tooling

The tool at the end of the robot (EOAT) is known as an end effector. It is a piece of equipment that is attached to the robot wrist, such as (1) grippers, (2) welding tools, and (3) palletising tools, to name a few.

Robot cell design

A robot cell is a fully integrated work cell that includes the robot, controller, safety components, and any equipment required to perform the task.

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We work hard to refurbish our robots to their optimal condition.

If you are looking to start automation, we can assist you. Whether you need a new industrial robot or a refurbished one, we offer robot solutions such as robot integration, programming, simulation, and training. Additionally, Robot Store helps manufacturers optimize their investment by providing the ROI Robotic System Calculator Tool. This calculator illustrates the impact of cost-saving and return on investment, allowing them to have a clear idea of all costs involved. Therefore, let us know what you need!

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Get free Robotic Integration Manuals from reliable brands, courtesy of our website. These manuals are valuable assets for anyone seeking to integrate robotics into their operations. We believe they’ll enhance your experience and assist you in achieving your goals. Thanks for choosing us!

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