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Why Refurbished KUKA Robots?

Robot Store provides used KUKA robots at affordable prices.  Also, we can help with robot integration because of our vast experience in this market. Nevertheless, a robot integrator can help you to purchase the right robot that suits your application. See robot applications in manufacturing.

Our refurbished KUKA robots have a variety of industrial KUKA Robot arms from small Agilus to KUKA Titan – at the time, one the biggest and strongest industrial robot with six axes.  KUKA offers you a comprehensive range of software. In addition to expandable system software and simulation programs for system design.

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What KUKA robot arms are popular?

The most popular lineup of KUKA robots

KUKA has an incredible range of robot models, but some stand out as more popular among consumers. These models offer the perfect balance of innovation, performance, and ease of use for their respective applications. Some popular models of KUKA robot arms include the KR 3 AGILUS, KR Cybertech nano series, KR QUANTEC ultra, KR FORTEC, and KUKA LBR iiwa.

In terms of industrial robots, the KUKA KR 3 AGILUS is perfect for small and nimble tasks in confined spaces. The KR 3 AGILUS is a compact and agile robot arm, ideal for assembly, material handling, and pick-and-place applications. On the other hand, the KR QUANTEC is ideal for large payloads and high-precision tasks in industries such as automotive and aerospace. It is often used in the automotive industry for tasks such as welding, painting and coating.

For collaborative applications, the KUKA LBR iiwa has been a crowd favorite since its release, offering unparalleled sensitivity, speed and precision. Finally, the KUKA KR AGILUS family of robots is a top pick for their speed and compact design, making them great for myriad automation tasks across industries. Each of these robot models comes with unique features making them perfect for different applications. Contact us to learn more about the robot that best fits your requirements.

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The most popular models of KUKA Robots

KUKA has an incredible range of robot models and it can be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. However, some models stand out as having a high level of popularity and desirability among users.

The most popular KUKA robot models offer a variety of features and capabilities that make them ideal for different applications. These models are suitable for a broad range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and many others.  Some of the most commonly used models within the KUKA KR series include:the KR 210, KR 16, KR 60, KR 120, and KR 240, KR 1000 Titan.

  • The KR 210 is known for its robust design and high payload capacity. The KR 210, for example, has a payload capacity of up to 210 kg and a reach of up to 3.1 meters.
  • KR 16 model is a compact and lightweight robot characterized by its high positioning accuracy, making it ideal for use in applications like assembly, material handling, and packaging. The KR 16 has a payload capacity of up to 16 kg and a reach of up to 0.9 meters, making it ideal for use in small spaces.
  • KR 60 is a flexible and agile robot that offers high performance and accuracy, making it suitable for welding, laser cutting, and milling.
  • The KR 120 is a powerful and versatile robot ideal for tasks like machining, surface treatment, and handling heavy loads.
  • KR 240 is a high-payload robot that offers exceptional performance in handling heavy and bulky materials, among other applications.
  • The KR-1000 Titan, on the other hand, is the largest robot in the KUKA series, capable of carrying loads of up to one ton.

Choose your ideal robot from our wide range of KUKA KR series models and enjoy unmatched performance.

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Kuka 210 Specifications

This Industrial robot KUKA Serie 2000 KR 210 is well known for its payload capability and flexibility for adding additional axes. However, the robot is a six-axis industrial robot for installation on the floor or on the ceiling. Additional, it is suitable for all point–to–point and continuous–path controlled tasks.

Robot Mass:1267.00kg

However, the main areas of application are:

  • Spot welding
  • Handling
  • Assembly
  • Application of adhesives, sealants and preservatives
  • Machining
  • MIG/MAG welding
  • YAG laser beam welding.

Other popular Refurbished Kuka robots for sale are Kuka KR 240, 150, 180.  For more details consult with your robot integrator.

Used KUKA robots for sale

KUKA Robot KR210

Types of Robot Applications

There are many Types of Robots in manufacturing but the most common manufacturing robots are:

  • Assembly line Robots
  • Cutting or Milling Robots
  • Material Handling Robots
  • Paint Robots
  • Welding Robots

See also ABB reconditioned Robots and FANUC reconditioned robots.

There are many types of robot in manufacturing.  Therefore, our recommendation to save time and money is to contact an integrator with knowledge on robot integration to get an idea of the costs of the basic cell.

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The robot will be fully reconditioned at the same level of the year of production and operating hours don’t play a part in the condition of the robot.

The robots for refurbishment are kept in storage and then pulled out for reconditioning  when the order and the deposit is received. So, we don’t know what robot is going to be pulled out and when. We can not provide the year of robot and it is irrelevant because the robot will be fully refurbished.

All our robots are fully tested and refurbished before shipping.  The robot are also checked over for wear and if necessary any worm or defective parts are replaced.

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