Fanuc 120iBe RJ3iB


Control: RJ3iB  Capacity: 20kg  Reach: 1,667mm


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Fanuc 120iBe RJ3iB Controller is a high-speed cutting and arc welding robot. FANUC Robot 120iBe RJ3iB basic arc welding robotic software features provide high performance for simple and complex arc welding robotic applications. Likewise, it provides a consistent path performance necessary for cutting and welding robot applications.

6 20 kg 1667 mm Articulated

Used FANUC Robot ARC Mate 120iBe have gone through an intensive reconditioning process and restoring it to the pristine condition. The R-J3iB Controller has been integrated into the FANUC to simplify the installation. Also, it will be easy to use the Arc Tool software if required.

We provide a turnkey FANUC robotic arm solution package for all new or used robotic systems or you can choose one or more robotic services, such as robot arm programming, robot training, robot installation, control panel installation, robot simulation. We are UK robot integrator and we customise our service based on your budget.

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