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Are you searching for new or used industrial robots?  As a UK robotic integrator, we understand that every client has their unique needs, and we customised our offer to source the best robot type to meet the customer’s needs. For this reason, we are not tied to one robot manufacturer. See Why to purchase refurbished robots?

What is the life expectancy of an industrial robot?

The life expectancy of an industrial robot arms range from five to 20 years, refurbished robots last as long as a new robot. 

However, the lifespans of the refurbished robots depend on the operating conditions and maintenance. 

At Robot Store, we provide certified second hand robots such as used ABB reconditioned robots, KUKA reconditioned robots, FANUC reconditioned robots, and MOTOMAN.  In addition, we supply industrial robot parts for all robot brands.

Check out our inventory to search for the robot or simply let’s know and we will guide you during the purchase.

ABB Reconditioned Robots

Our ABB robots for sale come ready for integration into a world of the manufacturing process by allowing production improvement and high-quality results.
ABB Robots For Sale

Robot Arms for sale

Robot Store provides new robots or certified reconditioned robots for sale from any robot manufacturer. Original paint and/or customers specification painting.
Robots For Sale

KUKA Reconditioned Robots

Robot Store provides KUKA robots for sale at affordable prices. Also, as robot integrator, we can help you to purchase the right robot that suits your application.
KUKA Robots For Sale

Industrial Robot Parts for Sale

We also provide original industrial robot parts from any robot manufacturer. Let's us know what you need.
Robot Parts

FANUC Reconditioned Robots

We offer a wide range of used FANUC robots for sale from small to robust robots. Likewise, all our reconditioned FANUC robots are fully tested before shipping.
FANUC Robots For Sale

Robotic System Integrator

Check out our Robot Store customised robotic cell packages including robotic system integration, commissioning, robot programming, robot training, or robot simulation
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All robots will be reconditioned to the same level as the year of production

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We are a UK robotic’ supplier providing industrial robot arms for sale. So, our affordable used industrial robots are serving all manufacturing applications. Also, our robots for sale are cost-effective complete robotic system integration solutions including integration, training, programming, or simulation. Learn more

With a view to providing a rapid evaluation of the expected robotic system investment, please go to robotic cell design and price estimate to help with both robotic arm prices and also all other robotic equipment costings that make up the complete supply for your proposed robotic cell.

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New robots or second-hand robots, robot spares, and custom robotic packages.

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We take pride in our high-standard procedures and quality customer support.

Certified Refurbished Robots

Our robots are thoroughly reconditioned to ensure that all robots follow strict procedures.

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Robotic Automation processes are highly cost-effective for all sizes of companies, including medium-small shops.

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See our top brands of affordable robotic arms for sale. For example, we provide ABB Robots, FANUC Robots, KUKARobots and Motoman Robots. Above all, we provide a robot cell or robotic system solutions with our complete customised package based on your requirements and budget.

Robots in manufacturing

Top Robotic Applications

Industrial robots are very popular in manufacturing. However, see below the most common applications used for the manufacturing process. Similarly, go to manufacturing applications to get an idea of the cost of the robotic cell. Likewise, please remember that every robotic project is different, a robotic systems integrator can provide a customised quotation based on the company requirements.

Robot arms are easy to reprogram and reuse in different manufacturing applications due to their flexibility and versatility. Therefore, there are different types of robots for each application. For example, the most popular robots in manufacturing are: 

Robot Cell Design

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TOP 10 Specifications for Certified Reconditioned Robots

Affordable Used Industrial Robots

Robot Store provides multiple new robots or reconditioned robot types including KUKA robots, ABB robots, FANUC robots, and Yaskawa robots. Our refurbished robots are thoroughly reconditioned to ensure that all our second-hand robots are supplied to meet our strict controls before being shipped to the site.

Besides this, our high standard reconditioning procedures include a detailed inspection of the robot manipulator and its components with the replacement of parts where necessary, along with the controller and interconnecting cables and teach pendant.

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"We have worked with Kevin and Robot Store since Bright Lite Structures was formed back in 2014. He has always given us a professional service looking after all aspects of robotic automation within our factories.”
-- John Barnett
  1. Clean and paint refurbished robots with 2-part epoxy paint to protect the robot.
  2. Check the backlash and repeatability of all axes to re-certify to the original specifications.
  3. Replace or change any main components including gearboxes, motors, and cables.
  4. Check for any rusted parts and replace them with a new one.
  5. Perform a full preventative maintenance check.
  6. Add water resistance and a cooling system to the robot to increase its lifeline.
  7. Update the latest controller software available.
  8. Add a software package depending on the client’s needs or applications including vision, rail, or turntable.
  9. Install the latest software to avoid malfunctioning.
  10. Test the used robot at full payload to ensure it is working correctly.


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