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Motoman Robot Parts

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motoman robot parts


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Spares for Robots

Motoman Robots is the leading global manufacturer of inverter drives, servo drives, machine controllers, medium voltage inverters, and industrial robots.  Therefore, Motoman used robot parts have helped to drive automation processes in many different industries such as mining, steel, machine tools, automotive, packaging, woodworking, textiles and semiconductors. Click for more

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Motoman Robot Part List

CategoryDescriptionPart Number
BoardsMotion Control BoardJANCD-MCP02B
BoardsSystem Control BoardJANCD-MIO04
BoardsI/O BoardJANCD-MIO02
BoardsI/O CardJANCD-I004C
BoardsI/O Board Assy ERCJANCD-I0O3E
BoardsPCB Circuit BoardJANCD-HA03
BoardsCPU BoardJANCD-CP11
BoardsERC Memory BoardJANCD-MM13B
BoardsMemory BoardJANCD-MM14D
BoardsERC Servo BoardJANCD-SV02B
BoardsPC Circuit BoardJANCD-SV02C
BoardsServo BoardJANCD-SV02
BoardsControl BoardJANCD-MI010
BoardsPC Circuit BoardJANCD-MSV01B
BoardsPC Circuit BoardJANCD-MIF01
BoardsSystem Control BoardJANCD-MCP01
BoardsCNC BoardJANCD-MFC05
BoardsInterface BoardJANCD-MFC06
BoardsPendant BoardJANCD-MSP01-1
BoardsI/O Interface NX100JZNC-NIF01B-1
BoardsController Circuit BoardJASP-WRCF01
BoardsPower SupplyCPS-150F
BoardsPower SupplyCPS-420F
BoardsPower SupplyJZRCR-NTU01-1
ServoPC Board Servo Control Axis NX100SGDR-AXA01A
ServoServo PackSGDR-C0A250A01B
ServoServo ControllerCACR-SR15SZ1SDY214
ServoServo PackCACR-IR010101F
ServoServo PackCACR-IR050505F
ServoServo PackCACR-IR30SFB
ServoServo PackCACR-IR30SFD
ServoServo ControllerCACR-SR15SZ1SDY77
ServoServo ControllerCACR-SR03SZ1SSY223
ServoServo ControllerJZRCR-XSU02
ServoServo ControllerSZRCR-NTU01-1
ServoServo ControllerSZRCR-NTU02-1
Teach PendantsTeach PendantJZRCR-NPP01-1
Teach PendantsTeach PendantJZRCR-NPP01B-1
Teach PendantsTeach PendantJZRCR-YPP01-1
Teach PendantsTeach Pendant (XKS-001E)XKS-001E
Teach PendantsTeach Pendant (XKS-012E)XKS-012E
Teach PendantsTeach PendantJZNC-MPP20E
Teach PendantsTeach PendantJZNC-MPP22E
Teach PendantsTeach Pendant JZNC-XPP02B
Teach Pendants SparesPendant Cable 8M NEWCBL-XR005-1
Teach Pendants SparesXRC Keypad MembraneNPN
Teach Pendants SparesUP6 Axis 6 GearboxAS-101-2
Teach Pendants SparesEncoderUTSAH-B17BBF
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorSGMDH-06A2A-YR24
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorSGMPH-01A1A-YR21
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorSGMP-01AWYR22
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorSGMP-02AWYR12
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorSGMP-08AWYR12
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorSGMP-08AWYR33
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorSGMP-08AWYR42
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorSGMP-15AWYR12
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorSGMP-44AWA-YR12
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorUSADED-13YRS11
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorUSADED-13YR21
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorUSADED-32YRW11
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorUSASEM-01YRW11
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorUSAREM-01YRW31
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorUSASEM-13YRW12
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorUSAPEM-07YR11
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorUSAPEM-07VYR11
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorUSAPEM-07YRS11
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorUSAPEM-07VYR21
Servo MotorsAC Servo MotorUSAPEM-07YR21
UnknownVME ModuleJANCD-XCP01
Spare PartsControl Board390-00212-0
Spare PartsI/O BoardL500F01
Spare PartsRelay BoardJANCD-TU05
Spare PartsXRC Expansion BoardJARCR-XEB01-1
Spare PartsXRC Sevopack Control Board JASP-WRCA01
Spare PartsBack-PlaneJZNC-MRK11-11E
Spare PartsControl CardJARCR-X0I01
Spare PartsPower SupplyJZNC-MTU15-1
Spare Parts6 Slot Rack W/ MRY01B & M1004 ModuleJZNC-MRK09-21
Spare PartsBack-PlaneJZNC-MRK09-20
Spare PartsController Servo Power SupplyJZRCR-XPU05B
Spare PartsControl BoardJANCD-RY07
Spare PartsPC Board I/O Interface NX100JZNC-NIF01-1
Spare PartsCircuit BoardMEU01D2 / 960404RH
Spare Partsoperator's push button panel JZNC-MPB04E
Spare PartsMotoman lithium Battery 10305017