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CategoryDescriptionPart Number
Teach PendantsTeach Pendant KRC1 4 Switch PositionNPN
Teach PendantsTeach Pendant KRC1 - No Switch00-105-201
Teach PendantsTeach Pendant KRC1 - 2 switch position00-102-255
Teach PendantsTeach Pendant KRC1 - 2 switch position00-102-565
Teach PendantsTeach Pendant KRC1 - 4 switch position69-000-398
Teach PendantsTeach Pendant KRC1 - 4 switch position69-000-422
Teach PendantsTeach Pendant KRC1 - No Switch69-001-045
Teach PendantsTeach Pendant KCP2 - 4 Switch Position00-110-185
Teach PendantsTeach Pendant KCP2 - 4 switch position00-131-239
Teach PendantsTeach pendant KCP2 No Switch00-114-265
Teach PendantsTeach pendant KCP2 SP00-132-341
Teach PendantsTeach pendant KCP2 SP00-119-369
Teach PendantsTeach pendant KCP2-S00-122-430
Teach PendantsTeach pendant VKCP200-107-264
Teach PendantsTeach Pendant KRC400-216-801
Teach PendantsTeach Pendant KRC400-168-334
Teach PendantsTeach Pendant KRC32580-032-9015-01
Teach Pendants PartsTeach Pendant Cable69-000-425
Teach Pendants PartsTeach Pendant KCP2 Cable00-110-186
Teach Pendants PartsPendant Cable 7m00-106-496
Teach Pendants PartsKRC2 Pendant Extension Cable00-123-462
Teach Pendants PartsKRC2 Pendant Extension Cable 15M71-051-676
Teach Pendants PartsPendant Cable NEW00-174-901
Teach Pendants PartsKRC4 Pendant Cable NEW00-181-563
Teach Pendants PartsKRC4 Joystick NEW3DX-600040
Teach Pendants PartsKRC4 Pendant Touch-Screen NEWAMT-9552
Teach Pendants PartsKRC1 Pendant ScreenLM64C21P
Teach Pendants PartsKRC4 LCD Pendant Screen NEWG084SN05
Teach Pendants PartsKRC4 Teach Pendant Board NEWX13-12055
Teach Pendants PartsKRC4 TPU Back Cover NEWNPN
Teach Pendants PartsKRC4 USB Port NEWNPN
Teach Pendants PartsLCD Pendant Screen NEWC077-10326
Teach Pendants PartsLCD Pendant Screen NEWC077-20102
Teach Pendants PartsLCD Pendant Screen NEWC077-20165
Teach Pendants PartsKRC2 LCD Pendant Screen NEWLM8V302
Teach Pendants PartsKRC2 LCD Pendant ScreenLM8V302
Teach Pendants PartsKRC1/2 Encoder Cable71-051-222
Teach Pendants PartsKR30 Power CableNPN
Teach Pendants PartsKR30 Cable391-838-95
Teach Pendants PartsKRC1 TPU Extension Cable00-101-859
Servo MotorsAC Servo Motor00-100-596
Servo MotorsAC Servo Motor69-225-467
Servo MotorsAC Servo Motor69-225-463
Servo MotorsAC Servo Motor69-225-464
Servo MotorsAC Servo Motor69-225-465
Servo MotorsAC Servo Motor69-225-466
Servo MotorsAC Servo Motor00-104-692
Servo MotorsAC Servo Motor00-104-695
Servo MotorsAC Servo Motor00-109-450
GearboxesKR150 Axis 3NPN
GearboxesKR150/2 Axis 2NPN
GearboxesKR200/2 Axis 2NPN
Spare PartsKRC1/KRC2 Computer SD RamX0003L404R
Spare PartsKRC2 Safety Board00-134-932
Spare PartsKRC2 Ethernet Port00-116-626
Spare PartsKRC1 Profibus Kit With CablesNPN
Spare PartsKRC1 Fan Unit00-102-698
Spare PartsKuka Fan's 3 Wire00-666-454
Spare PartsKRC2 Whole Computer Units00-115-489
Spare PartsKRC2 Whole Computer Units00-117-560
Spare PartsKRC2 I/O Board00-108-473
Spare PartsKRC2 External Axis Controller Loom KitNPN
Spare PartsKRC2 Modem Card00-133-342
Spare PartsRelay Board69-001-124
Spare PartsRelay Board00-118-652
Spare PartsRelay Board00-104-168
Spare PartsProfibus Card00-100-658
Spare PartsKRC2 Profibus Card00-130-764
Spare PartsKRC1 DeviceNet Card00-100-796
Spare PartsMotherboard00-101-699
Spare PartsKRC1 Motherboard00-104-420
Spare PartsDSE-33 Card00-117-336
Spare PartsDSE IBS 3.0200-108-313
Spare PartsPCB Module Board69-157-012
Spare PartsPCB Module Board69-157-015
Spare PartsInput/Output Board69-157-017
Spare PartsServo Drive69-334-285
Spare PartsServo Drive00-122-286
Spare PartsServo Drive00-115-350
Spare PartsTPU HolderNPN
Spare PartsServo Drive Module PM6-60000-103-492
Spare PartsCD Rom NEWNPN
Spare PartsIBS ISA SC/RI/I-T Board69-000-695
Spare PartsIBS PCI SC/RI/I-T Boards00-107-876
Spare PartsIBS PCI SC/RI-LK Boards00-113-130
Spare PartsKRC1 Master Interbus Optic Card00-104-840
Spare PartsKRC1 Resolver Card (RDW)71-039-271
Spare PartsKRC2 Resolve Card (RDW2)00-119-966
Spare PartsKRC1 KVGA Board71-039-276
Spare PartsKRC1 MFC Board71-052-214
Spare PartsProfibus DP card00-104-561
Spare PartsRDW2 Board00-110-947
Spare PartsKVGA Interface Card00-128-456
Spare PartsKVGA Interface Card00-109-040
Spare PartsLPDN Devicenet Scanner (?)00-104-196
Spare PartsKRC2 Interbus Card00-118-967
Spare PartsEthernet Card (?)00-104-796
Spare PartsMFC3 Card00-128-358
Spare PartsKRC2 Interbus Card00-118-966
Spare PartsKey for KCP69-000-986
Spare PartsKRC1 (4 position) Teach Pendant Main Board71-051-249
Spare PartsKRC1/2 Hard DriveNPN
Spare PartsKRC1 Shorting Loom00-100-514
Spare PartsExtension Section KR150-L11O KRC2 0-05-15NPN
Spare PartsServo Amp PM6-600NPN
Spare PartsKuka Computer KC100-106-488
Spare PartsINDA Funk-Ensteurfilter330-00039-0
Spare PartsKUKA Siemens 6FX 1125-0CB01 Safety Board580 250 9102.01
Spare PartsPeripheral interface X11 + FE20371-051-706
Spare PartsKRC2 Power Supply00-463-783
Spare PartsKRC2 ESC-CI Board00-106-290
Spare PartsKUKA KPS600/20-ESC Supply Unit00-115-115
Spare PartsKRC2 Profibus Power Signal LoomNPN
Spare PartsKRC2 External Axis KitNPN
Spare Parts71-051-586 SPS Card339-089-311
Spare Parts71-051-578 SPS Card339-089-301
Spare Parts71-051-587 SPS Card339-089-312
Spare Parts71-051-580 SPS Card339-089-304
Spare Parts71-051-579 Card339-089-302
Spare PartsBS Module339-089-299
BatteriesBattery 12v 4.5AhSLAUMXNP4.5-12
Servo AmplifierKRC1 Servo Amplifier00-103-498
Servo AmplifierKRC1 Servo Amplifier00-103-499
Servo AmplifierKRC1 Servo Amplifier69-000-685
Servo AmplifierKRC1 Servo Amplifier69-000-730

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Robot-Store provides used or new industrial robot spares for KUKA robot, FANUC robot, ABB robot, MOTOMAN robot, and other manufacturers.

In addition, our expert will help to identify the parts you need If you are not sure which parts to quote.  Most of the robot parts have a unique number that will tell us exactly the robot spares you require for your robot.

We are not just online robot parts, we also offer affordable used industrial robots which provide high-quality automation and fast return on investment solutions.  Hence, a used industrial robot can save from 50% to 60% more than the new robot.  Above all, click here for more information –  See other Advantages.

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