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KUKA Robots, FANUC Robotics and ABB Robots integration.

Robot Store Ltd. is one of the UK’s leader selling industrial robots with vast experience in robotic integration

We are one of the leader robotic integrator based on the UK.  We aim to provide a customised robotic packages including the robot itself from any robot brand such as ABB robots, KUKA robots  and FANUC robotic as well as robot spares parts.

As robotic integrator, we understand that not all robotic manufacturing applications are always straightforward. However, we do the utmost the provide the best solutions. In addition, we work with well-known robotics components suppliers. 

Robot Store uses its our professional skills and knowledge to provide the best and affordable automation solution.  If you are looking for robotic integrator contact us today.

Our Robotics Expertise and technical after-sales support

Robot Store’s technical capabilities range from integrating complete assembly line robots to a single robotic cell for welding, palletising, or milling cell just to mention a few. Our expertise includes:

Robotic Systems Integration

Robotics integration and automation go hand in hand in the optimisation of the manufacturing process. Robot Store is a robotics integrator for most major robot manufacturers, and we ensure our customers that the design will work. Otherwise, we provide our best solution based on customers’ goals and objectives.


We can help to plan your application by providing a simulation to have a rough idea of the design that the customer requires. Then, when the customer agrees with the design the simulation will prove that the robot will perform as described in the robotic cell design. Finally, we build the robotic cell including safety guarding and components.


As demand grows, you can reprogram the robot to meet your requirement making it easy to adapt the robot to the factory’s needs. For example, high peak season or introducing new products. Check out UK statistics report.

In fact, the main characteristic of the robot is accuracy, repeatability and consistency helping factories deliver a high-quality product. Robotic arms are present in many industries today whether there are large industries such as car manufacturing or small workshop.

Robotics integrators improve cycle times and quality while saving on labour costs, and reducing production costs.

Types of Robots Manufacturing Applications

The main types of industrial robot applications include:

  • Palletising
  • Material handling
  • Assembly line automation
  • Spray Painting automation
  • Welding Automation (arc welding and spot welding)
  • Dispensing Automation 
  • Cutting Systems (laser, plasma, waterjet)
  • Milling automation systems


A good robotic systems integrator help you to understand what would work for you and they won’t try to sale a product or a solutions that work for a short period of time. It is important to ask questions about the proposal or proof of robot cell design based on the objectives of the company.

  • A Robotic Integrator helps you to choose the right robot for your manufacturing application.
  • Customise the robotic system to fit the needs of the company
  • Integrate the robot into your actual robot system or new operation system
  • Provide robot training to the staff to make sure the system work properly and successfully
  • Run the system and do some robot trial before deliver the project to the end user. 
  • Provides after-sales customer support to the customer.

Robotic integration is the ability to integrate robotic systems to perform automated tasks. Robotic Integration includes to analyse your manufacturing process to improve certain areas in your production process. Therefore, a robotic integration company work together with you based on needs and they provide the best robotic solutions to the end users. 

Besides this, a robotic systems integrator works together with the main player suppliers of robotic equipment. So, they know where to go to get the best of your budget. 

There are three main many types robotic systems: Articulated Robots, Mobile Robots and Data Acquisition Robots.

Articulated robots also known as robotic arm or manipulator. This type of robots have six-axis or movements.  The articulated robots are the most frequently used in robotic system in manufacturing process.

Robotic systems integration Solutions

We are proud to say that we had helped manufacturers and suppliers to run their production line as smoothly and efficiently as possible. So, we will identify the best robotic systems solution for your specific requirements. In addition, we will help you to choose the right industrial robot for you. All robotic solutions with no hidden extra costs.

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For over 20 years, we have been providing a wide range of professional robotic systems integration to the UK market and globally.

robotic systems integration
Robotic Systems Integration
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