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Robot Spares: The KRC2 DSE-IBS board explained

Robot Spares – First of all, DSE-IBS stands for Digital Servo Electronics Interbus Interface.

The DSE-IBS takes over the drive control of up to 8 axes, thus reducing the workload of the main processor.

The function of this robot spares – DSE-IBS tasks are:

  •  Actual position value acquisition via the RDC
  •  Position control
  •  Speed control
  •  Supplying the current/torque set points to the KSD modules

Robot Part: The KRC2 DSE-IBS board and how to exchange it. See diagram:

The KRC2 DSE part exchange diagram below shows a basic layout of the board taking into account the device or computer, the robot teach pendant and the RDC of robot itself.  We will consider a bit more the role of the safety circuit and why is important.  See below:


 For the connections please see below:



Safety Circuit

Most modern machines use electronic safety circuits or even microprocessor control to implement interlock safety systems.  Safety relays control plant and machinery  in the event of a hazardous situation, the actuator was simply isolated from the energy supply. 

You can use relay to build a safety circuit. It is essential to have a good basic understanding of the principles behind safety relays and safety circuits. This article is intended as an introduction to how to exchange the KUKA KRC2 DSE board but it principle apply to DSE board in robots.

By using safety relays as examples, I will  show you when you should apply safety to your robot. A safety relay is a simple illustration of a safety circuit and how it works. The reason behind on why relays are important is to eliminate or reduce risks.

When machine safety, you have to build a safety circuit. This vary depending on the level of safety the company require, you can build single to various safety circuits. 

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