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We are a top-tier robot integrator that specializes in robotic integration for automation and industrial purposes. Our machines are cost-effective and tailored to your specific requirements.

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We are Robot Integrator Specialist

Our company, Robot Store, was established in 2017, and has become a reliable source of industrial robots for those seeking quality at an affordable cost. We provide well-known robot brands, as well as refurbished ones. Our expertise as robot integrators is evident in our responsibility for designing, building, programming, training, and installing robotic systems for both commercial and industrial use. Additionally, we possess strong technical skills that are certified through practical experience.

Furthermore, as a robot integrator, we serve not only the UK but also global customers. We are passionate about providing solutions to our customers and aim to minimize downtime and subsequent disruptions by offering a larger inventory of properly certified second-hand robots.

Robot Store prides itself in having an extensive selection of robotic machinery for various industries.  Some of the robots available for purchase include the sturdy and reliable KUKA, FANUC, ABB robotic arms, and others. Furthermore, customers can rely on the store for quality customer support services as well as trustworthy long-term relationships built through transparency and honesty.

CEO’s Background

Our CEO has over 20 years of experience with industrial robotics as both programmer and project manager. Below, you can see some of the projects managed by our CEO:

  • Three paint lines were built in the new Peugeot plant in Trnava, and they were equipped with 28 Fanuc robotic arms that were all controlled by spraying equipment. Upon completing this project, the manager received additional training from Kuka Robotics Ltd.
  • The manager was also involved in project management for the new paint shop in Shenzhen, China, once again for Peugeot.  Therefore, he was responsible for controlling the electrical conveyors, pre-treatment, e-coat, ovens, and booths.
  • In addition to their work in robotic automation, the manager collaborated with Mark Holt Special Effects to introduce the use of Kuka robots in the film industry for special effects stunts.
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“As part of our services, we offer spare parts for robots of any brand. These spares are integral parts of robotics and, most importantly, provide after-sales support to our customers.”

What a reliable Robot Integrator does?

  1. We analyse every details of your current production process
  2. Listen carefully to your objectives or future achivements
  3. Prepare robotic simulation to ensure the feasiability of the project
  4. Recommend the best way to proceed to save time and cost
  5. Suggest the right robot type and tooling equipment for the application
  6. Provide robotic training or system training to the staffs
  7. Fully commission the system into the factory
  8. After-sales support and monitor with the customer to ensure the system work properly

As robot integrator, we provide the simulation that guarantee the success of the robotic system. In summary, a robotic system integrators provide the complete automation of the robotic cell. Moreover, the robotic training courses that the staffs needs to carry out the manufacturing process. Learn more about robotics.

Should companies use a robot manufacturer's or robotics integrator's services?

Choosing between a robot manufacturer or robotics integrator can be tough. Robot manufacturers make robots while integrators specialize in adapting and implementing robots in workflows. Companies must consider factors such as cost, quality, support, and integration.

When considering the implementation of robotics in the workplace, there are different service providers available to companies. On one hand, there are robot manufacturers who specialise in the production of robots. On the other hand, there are robotics integrators who focus on the design, installation, and programming of robotics systems. The decision on which service to use depends on the specific needs of the company. Using a robot manufacturer’s services may be ideal for companies in need of a specific type of robot that is readily available on the market. On the other hand, if a company requires a customised solution for a unique application, a robotics integrator may be better suited to the job. Regardless of the choice made, it is important to work with a reputable service provider who can provide support and maintenance for the robotics system to ensure its functionality in the long-term.

Choose a robotics integrator when buying industrial robots as they create custom solutions for specific needs, unlike robot manufacturers who only build and sell robots. Integrators can seamlessly integrate robots and technologies to achieve optimal results, leading to improved efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Companies should consider their unique needs and goals, budget, timeline, and desired level of customisation when making this decision.

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As a robotic integrator with over 20 years of experience in robotics, we have provided a wide range of professional robotic system integrations to the UK market and beyond. We are proud to have served the United Kingdom market and beyond, providing professional, versatile, and reliable robotic system integrations to numerous clients across various industries. Please let us know what robotic services you require.

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Our Robotic integration services

An integrator in robotics combines components like sensors and control systems to ensure a robotic system works seamlessly. A robotic integrator is an organization specialising in robot integration for industrial applications, from design to maintenance. They can evaluate your manufacturing process, design, build and customise a robotic cell to your requirements, and commission it into production.

Robot integrators work closely with manufacturers, automation engineers, and end-users to understand their specific requirements and goals. They identify areas where robotics can improve efficiency, productivity, and safety. Moreover, we then select the appropriate robot models and components, integrate them into the existing infrastructure, and program them to perform the desired tasks.

No, every robot has their own spefications. Some robots can perform better in an specific application than others.

The robot integrator ensures the safety of workers in industrial settings by creating a secure environment for the robots to operate in. This includes the use of sensors, emergency stops, interlocks, light curtains, and protective shields. Additionally, the safety systems are capable of detecting people or objects in the robot’s surroundings, which allows for quick reactions and adherence to safety standards. Therefore, workers must receive appropriate safety training from experts in the field.

A reliable robotic system integrator will help you to find the spare parts in case the parts is not in their own stock.

Your robot integration experts in the UK.

We are proud to say that our main goal is to ensure your production line runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Similarly, we will identify the optimal robot solution for your specific application needs and help you choose the right industrial robot.

Robotic Integrator


Because we would like to help our visitors.  Free Robotic Integration Manuals from reliable robot brands!


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