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Refurbished Robots

Affordable Used Industrial Robots

Affordable used robotsWe provide affordable refurbished robots for sale including KUKA used robots, ABB used robots, FANUC used robots and other manufacturers. Check out our reconditioned price lists.

Some industrial robots, in order to meet the requirements, are able to handle heavy payloads or standards payloads. Usually, these robots are also fast enough to be profitable while taking up a minimal amount of floor space.

Robot Integrator Support

Most robot integrators also have support from their major robot manufacturer that allows them to have priority over many others calling in for support. In addition, with access to a robot integrator and the robot parts, companies will have an easier time maintaining a schedule and sticking to deadlines.

Our experts in robot integration can help to answer any question or concern you may have and they will recommend the best robot option based on company requirement. We are not tied to any specific robot brand,  we strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the best sale tool our company possess.

Reconditioned Robot Testing

All our used robots are testing and customised according to your application and needs. Therefore, we also provide complete customer support when you invest in our affordable used robots.

Robot Store provides industrial robots for any manufacturer and for any robot applications, some of the most common applications are welding robots, palletising robots, milling robots, assembly robots, material handling robots, painting robots and others.

Check out our Used Robots for Sale

ABB Reconditioned Robots

ABB used robots for sale can be tailored to meet a plant’s unique requirements. In fact, ABB robots come ready for integration into a world of the manufacturing process by allowing production improvement and high-quality results.  Likewise, robots are helping companies to have a quick return on investment while saving costs. See ABB Refurbished Robots for sale

KUKA Reconditioned Robots

KUKA robots have a variety of industrial arm from small Agilus to KUKA Titan, one the biggest and strongest industrial robot with six axes.  They offer industrial robotic arm range of software as well as expandable system software and simulation programs for system design. See KUKA Refurbished Robots For Sale

FANUC Recontioned Robots

FANUC robots are reliable and efficient.  Their capability provides room to improve application and motion performance while simplifying system integration.  Therefore, they are suitable for a number of applications including welding, dispensing, material handling, assembling and material removal. FANUC Reconditioned Robots For Sale