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Refurbished Robots

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If you want to buy a robot arm, Robot Store provides new or refurbished robots for sale from the main robot manufacturer such as KUKA robots, ABB robots, FANUC robots and other manufacturers. As a robotic system integrator, we understand the importance of choosing the right robot. 

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ABB Refurbished Robots

ABB robots can be tailored to meet a plant’s unique requirements. Thereby, ABB robots come ready for integration into a world of the manufacturing process.  Also, robots are helping companies to have a quick return on investment while saving costs. As a robotic system integrator, we help you to get the best of the robotic system. See ABB Refurbished Robots for sale 




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KUKA Refurbished Robots

KUKA robots have a variety of industrial arm from small Agilus to KUKA Titan, one the biggest and strongest industrial robot with six axes.   See Refurbished KUKA Robots For Sale




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FANUC Reconditioned Robots

FANUC robots are reliable and efficient. Also, their capability provides room to improve application and motion performance while simplifying system integration. Thereby, they are suitable for a number of applications including welding, dispensing, handling, assembling and more. Refurbished FANUC Robots For Sale  




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Purchase Refurbished Robots

Just email us if you would like to buy a robot.  Also, we provide a complete package for the robot cell system based on your budget. Because we are an integrator, we can suggest the most convenient options on the market for your robot application.  Also, remember that it is not just buying a robot is purchasing a complete robotic solution that fit your needs. Bear in mind also, that all our industrial robots are certified.


Robotic System Integrator

robotic system integrator

Robotic System Integration Support

As a robotic system integrator, we are not tied to any specific robot brand.  One of the main reason is that we strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the best sale tool that our company possess. Thereby, our robotic’ engineer can help to answer any question or concern. Also, we will recommend the right robotic system based on the company requirement.

Robotic System Integrator – UK Standards

We follow UK standards by replacing and testing our refurbished industrial robots according to regulations and standards. Robot Store provides industrial robots for any manufacturing applications. Such as welding robots, palletising robots, milling robots, assembly robots, material handling robots, painting robots and others.

In the United Kingdom, the manufacturing sector is increasing the use of industrial robotic arms. However, the robotics statistics in the UK for previous years showed that robots were not so popular.  Today, it became clear that the impact of robots on the UK would increase significantly in this sector.

Therefore, it is no doubt that small and medium companies will look for a new way of optimisation. Moreover, it is not surprising that one of the priorities for UK manufacturing is to better define the workforce and structural needs for the future. Therefore, reinventing flexibility and adopting robotic as part of their optimisation.

Because of this, now is the time to contact the robotic’s expert, Contact Your Robotic System Integrator Now!