Kawasaki ZD250S


Control: D-Controller  Capacity: 250kg   Reach: 3,255mm



Palletising is an application of  staking bags, pails, boxes, frozen food, bottles just to name a few onto pallets.  Assembly line operations usually requires palletising robots.  Kawasaki robots provides palletising robots because of the  high speed, or product handling.  They come with a large horizontal range of up to 3,255 mm and a payload capacity of up to 700 kg providing high speed distribution processes. Kawasaki Robot ZD250S, 4 axes capable of handling products vertically up to 3,075 mm.

Kawasaki provides a palletising solution to give your production line the flexibility need it. Contact Us for your Kawasaki Robot ZD250S.

Low-Cost Maintenance – 5,000 hour (RD/MD models) and 10,000 hour
Programming – Advanced Kawasaki “AS Language” / PC (Process Control) programs
Safety – Three-position teach pendant safety switch

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