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Fanuc M900iA 260L R30iA Controller


The Fanuc M900iA is ideal for almost every application.  It is a very versatile robot and thanks to its 6 axes, it is a suitable material handling application to accurate handling of heavy workpieces, palletising and heavy-duty spot welding.



Fanuc M900iA is highly versatile thanks to its 6 axes. It is suitable for material handling application. The M900 series is ideal for almost every application for accurate handling of heavy workpieces, palletising and heavy-duty spot welding.




260 kg


3100 mm

Fanuc M900iA 260L

  • Designed to handle single or multiple heavy
  • Varied mounting options make Fanuc 900 iA very flexible and enable it to make maximum use of the work envelope. Besides, despite its long arm, it’s stiffness makes it ideal for operations that demand higher levels of rigidity from the robot.
  • With a high specification R-30iA controller, this robot has excellent control and accuracy
  • Built for high speed and high payload capacity. Also, six axes and electric servo-driven motors allow manipulating materials weighing up to 600kg.
  • All our Fanuc reconditioned robots are tested and serviced before cleaning, repainting and then a final test to check the robot is ready to work.
  • We give a three-month parts warranty so that you can be sure that you are getting a complete and functional industrial robot.

Also, the design of the Fanuc M900iA / 260L is for applications that demand maximum rigidity and for processes that put a lot of pressure on the tool, therefore, improving accuracy on applications where precision is essential. Also, see our FANUC Reconditioned Robots price list here

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