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The most popular types of Spray Painting Robots:  ABB paint robots, FANUC paint robots, KUKA robots.  Overview of Paint Robots used in car manufacturing

Top Robotic Applications with Estimated Prices

Enclosed is an estimated cost for the main manufacturing robot applications. Let us know if you need any further assistance.

Milling Robotic

Milling Robot including price estimated

Painting Robots

Technical datacheet for Spray Painting Robots

Palletising Robots

Palletising Robot Cell including price estimated

Welding Robots

Welding Robot including price estimated

Robotic technology is advancing rapidly, bringing numerous opportunities to the market each year. Industrial robots are increasingly used in a wide range of applications such as welding, spray painting, and assembly. The estimated price of each robotic application may vary depending on its level of complexity and customization required for the specific use case. Generally, prices of popular new industrial robots start at around £50,000 for a basic model and can range up to £150,000 or more for larger, more advanced models. It is important to bear in mind that prices will increase when all related equipment is added.

On the other hand, refurbished robots are more affordable for small companies that want to explore the use of robotics. Therefore, it is crucial to assess business requirements before investing in the best-fit robotic application to meet enterprise or individual needs.

Types of Robots in Manufacturing

When considering the integration of robots in your production line, it is imperative to understand the three main types of automation systems. Thorough research and evaluation of each system is of utmost importance in order to make a well-informed decision that will ultimately benefit your business.

6-axis robots are flexible industrial machines with six degrees of movement that can perform precise and complex tasks in manufacturing and material handling. They have a base, a series of arms or links, and an end-effector for different purposes..

Collaborative robots are becoming more and more popular as they work alongside human workers to increase productivity. They feature safety measures such as sensors and collision avoidance technology, making them safe to use around people. By freeing up human workers’ time, they can focus on more complex tasks that require decision-making skills.

A mobile robot efficiently completes tasks in various workspaces, including manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation. This type of robot transports tools, parts, and products due to its ability to move along the ground.

At Robot Store, businesses can benefit from integrator services from the most popular brands, including  Fanuc, ABB, and KUKA and Motoman. Our experienced team ensures customised solutions to meet each client’s unique facility needs.

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We specialise in spray painting robots for demanding sectors. Contact us to discuss your needs and let us help you achieve results.

Manufacturing uses various spray painting robots to create high-quality products. There are different types of robots available, differing in size, shape, and complexity, depending on the application. The most commonly used robots are articulated or six-axis robots.

These particular robots provide many advantages over traditional painting methods. Therefore, They work much faster and are more efficient. Additionally, these robots are highly precise and accurate in their measurements, resulting in uniformity and consistency in the final product.

Using these robots in manufacturing is becoming more popular as they reduce the risk of human error and minimise time and effort. They help save time, decrease labour expenses, and improve the overall quality of the product.

spray Painting Robots

Equipment used for robotic painting operations

Spray painting robots use specialized equipment and advanced technology to efficiently apply paint to surfaces, reducing errors and costs while increasing efficiency.

Robotic painting operations require several types of equipment to achieve optimal results. The primary equipment used for painting applications is the robotic arm, which is controlled using a computer program. Moreover, it operates based on parameters such as speed, direction, and pressure.

Robotic painting also uses a paint gun attached to the robotic arm, and other supporting equipment like paint pumps, filters, and compressors work together to ensure efficient paint delivery to the paint gun. Therefore, this combination of equipment and technology results in consistent and efficient robotic painting outcomes.

spray painting robots
spray painting robots
Kuka Robots

Painting Robot Applicators: Bell or Pistol

Choose Between Bell Applicator or Pistol Applicator for Consistent and Precision Coating Results

The bell applicator supports applications where high paint volumes are necessary with low air consumption. The bell applicator features a spinning bell cup that through centrifugal force generates small droplets of material that are then shaped into a painted cloud by a shaping airflow. In the case of an application by pistol, the material goes directly by the airflow produced from a compressed air source. Hence, the coverage is not as great as with the bell applicator for the same airflow.

Often it will be necessary to select between various colours or materials for the application. In this case, the robot will often feature a colour changer mounted in the robot arm. Usually, a dedicated distribution system supply the material stored in tanks. Subsequently, the robot will spray the colours that receive from the system.

According to The Impact of Health, the main environmental impacts associated with paint come from the manufacturing of the components, rather than the manufacturing of the product itself. Here are some reasons why chemicals are dangerous for human beings:

  • The paint industry universally includes titanium dioxide or TiO2 for painting.
  • The manufacture of TiO2 has the greatest environmental impact.
    Emissions during production include (depending on the process) CO2, N2O, SO2, NOx, CH4, and VOCs.
  • A number of waste streams, including spent acid and metal sulfates, emanate from the manufacturing process.

Tips to consider in painting operations

Painting robots streamline car production with speed, colour consistency, efficiency, precision, and accuracy.

When selecting a robot for the paint application process, it is important to consider the potential risks associated with using cables and tubing. Therefore, choosing a robot with contained internal components will result in a safer work environment without the risk of cable snagging or paint debris contamination. This will lead to a safer working environment.

Additionally, it is important to consider the zone’s ATEX rating as this can impact the type of robot suitable for the job. If the zone does not have an ATEX rating, consider a standard six-axis robot to have a higher degree of freedom of movement for the paint applicator. Therefore, regardless of the type of robot selected, it is important to ensure that appropriate spraying equipment is available. Some popular options include bell applicators and pistol applicators.

Stunning Robot Paint Finishes

Painting robots are important machines used in car manufacturing to provide precise, accurate, and stunning finishes. They perform various tasks including priming, painting, and sealing, and can work with different types and colours of paint. Their customisability makes them adaptable for various car manufacturing plants, making painting robots an essential tool for enhancing efficiency and quality in automobile production.

spray painting robots

Why is ATEX rating crucial for painting robots?

Use safe paint, consider environment and risks, use ATEX-rated robot for explosive areas. Choose a reliable, standards-compliant robot with hazard protection. Consult experts for safety assurance. Get the perfect painting robot at Robot Store.

Atex Robot Certification

When choosing a painting robot for use in explosive environments, it is important to consider factors such as the type of paint, working environment, and level of risk. Therefore, the ATEX rating is a crucial certification for equipment intended for use in potentially explosive environments.

When considering a painting robot for hazardous environment applications, it is essential to prioritize safety and reliability. Moreover, this means selecting a robot that offers adequate protection against potential hazards like fire, explosion, and electrical shock. Furthermore, it is critical to ensure that the chosen model adheres to all applicable safety standards and regulations to guarantee a safe, efficient working environment. Consult experts or the robot manufacturer to ensure safety standards for selecting a painting robot. At Robot Store, we guide customers in choosing the right painting robot.

The ATEX rating, also known as the Atmosphères Explosibles rating, plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of painting robots. Therefore, the rating shows if equipment is safe for explosive atmospheres.

In the case of painting robots, they operate in environments with high levels of flammable liquids and gases that pose significant risks of explosion. Therefore, ATEX-rated robots prevent explosive incidents from occurring and minimize the risk of harm to operators.

Without an ATEX rating, painting robots may trigger explosions due to sparks or excessive heat produced during operation, resulting in equipment damage, harm to operators, or nearby individuals, and even costly downtime. Therefore, it is essential for painting robots to have an ATEX rating to ensure safe operations in explosive atmospheres. Furthermore, this will ensure productivity, efficiency, and, most importantly, operator and nearby individual safety.

Additionally, it is essential for painting robots to have an ATEX rating to ensure safe operations and compliance with industry standards.

Choose the right robot integrator

Robot Store Ltd. offers professional and reliable robot integration solutions, including FANUC Robots, KUKA Robots, ABB Robots, and Motoman. We also provide new and used industrial robots, as well as affordable reconditioned options. Our team offers personalised consultation and optimal automation solutions. Contact us to achieve your automation goals.

Car Manufacturers used industrial robots

Robot Store helps you achieve your objectives, whether it be through single robotic cells or complete production line integration. We have experience working with both large car manufacturers and small businesses. Additionally, our goal is to provide efficient service for optimal results.

As a result, small and medium-sized businesses can enjoy better financial outcomes and complete time-consuming tasks more easily.

Automotive Robotic Painting

The use of spray painting robots in the automotive industry has had a significant impact on the way manufacturers produce vehicles. These robots can perform the repetitive and tedious job of painting vehicles with precision and consistency.

Furthermore, the automotive industry follows high-standard procedures; therefore, this demanding sector already benefits from robotics in manufacturing. This ultimately leads to a reduction in production time and cost. The use of these robots has also helped to improve the safety of workers as it eliminates the need for them to be exposed to harmful chemicals and dangerous fumes during the painting process.

spray painting robots

Small and medium-sized are using robots

Spray robots are popular for their accuracy and precision in applying paint or coatings, helping to avoid overspray and drips. Additionally, they can be installed on the floor, rail, or wall depending on the available space in the factory. Robots are also well-liked for performing tasks ranging from simple to highly automated.


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