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What is jogging on the robot teach pendant?

Industrial Robot Teach Pendant – In jog mode, the robot is moved in accordance with the selected coordinate system. It defines a plane or space by axes from a fixed point called the origin. Robot targets and positions are located by measurements along the axes of coordinate systems. The industrial robot uses several coordinate systems for specific types of jogging or programming.

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What does it mean to Jog the industrial robot with the teach pendant?

Jogging the industrial robot is the term used to describe the act of manually moving the robot via the teach pendant.  There are usually four distinct methods for manually moving the robot: Axis or a joint mode where just a single axis is driven either positive or negative.

path programming robot arm

When path programming with the teach pendant, what conditions should we consider?

A certain coordinate system will make it possible to move the tool center point to the target position with fewer joystick moves than another. Conditions such as space limitations, obstacles or the physical size of a work object or tool will also guide you to the proper judgement. Below we can examine the different Coordinate Systems:

coordinate systems

Below we can examine the different Coordinate Systems:

The BASE system is located at the base of the robot.  It is the easiest one for just moving the robot from one position to another.

The Work Object

The WORK OBJECT system is related to the workpiece and is often the best one for programming the robot. The world coordinate system has its zero points on a fixed position in the cell or station. This makes it useful for handling several robots.

The tool coordinate system

The Tool Coordinate System

The TOOL coordinate system defines the position of the tool the industrial robot uses when reaching the programm targets.

The World System

The WORLD system that defines the robot cell, all other systems are related to the world coordinate system, either directly or indirectly. 

work object coordinate robot system

The User System

The USER system is useful for representing equipment that holds other coordinate systems, like work objects.