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We would like to inform you of the high demand we are currently experiencing for reconditioned KUKA robots. We want to assure you that we have a large inventory of robots in stock and a constant throughput of robots going out. However, due to the high demand, it may be possible that our inventory is not always up-to-date. In case the robot you are looking for is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us by email. Our team will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right robot for your needs. We prioritize providing our customers with high-quality service, and we are committed to helping you in whatever way possible. Thank you for choosing us and checking out our KUKA robot prices.

Please follow these steps to purchase your desired industrial robot:

  1. Search for the industrial robot that you require from the list below.
  2. Please send us the information about the robot you want to buy via email at info@robot-store.co.uk.
  3. In the email, please provide your contact details and any additional questions you may have.
  4. We will confirm the price, availability, delivery fee, and payment instructions. We will get back to you on the same day.

Our KUKA Robot Support offers expert and personalized assistance for all your robot-related needs, including programming, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing high-quality customer service and ensuring complete satisfaction. We have a global reputation for excellence and are committed to maintaining that standard. Contact us whenever you need reliable and efficient support.

Our Reconditioned KUKA Robots

We offer top-quality refurbished KUKA Robots that are durable, efficient, and reliable. Additionally, our technicians have expertly reconditioned each robot to peak performance levels, making them an excellent investment for your business. Check out our affordable KUKA robot prices.

Robot ModelControllerPriceReachCapacityPhoto
KUKA KR10 R1100 FivveKRC4£13,0001100mm10kKR 240L 180 S2000
KUKA KR100 COMPKRC2 ED05£8,0002400mm100kgKR 240L 180 S2000
KUKA KR140 COMKRC2 ED05£8,0002400mm140kgKR 240L 180 S2000
KUKA KR180KRC2 ED05£9,5002700mm180kgKR 240L 180 S2000
KUKA KR180 L130KRC2 ED05£9,5003100mm130kgKR 240L 180 S2000
KUKA KR150 L110 K2000KRC2 ED05£9,5003300mm110kgKUKA KR 150
KUKA KR150 L130KRC2 ED05£9,5002900mm110kg
Kuka KR150KRC2 ED05£9,5002700mm150kgKuka KR 150 S2000
KUKA KR180 L150KRC2 ED05£9,5002900mm150kgKUKA KR 180 S2000
KUKA KR200 COMPKRC2 ED05£8,0002400mm200kgKUKA KR 200 COMP
KUKA KR200 L140 COMPKRC2 ED05£8,0002800mm140kgKUKA KR 200L 140 COMP
KUKA KR200 L170 COMPKRC2 ED05£8,0002800mm170kgKUKA KR 200L 140 COMP
KUKA KR210KRC2 ED05£9,5002700mm210kgKUKA KR 210 S2000
KUKA KR210 K2000KRC4£9,5003100mm210kgKUKA KR 210 S2000
KUKA KR210 L150KRC2 ED05£9,5003100mm150kgKUKA KR 210
KUKA KR210 L180KRC2 ED05£9,5003300mm180kgKUKA ROBOT KR 210
KUKA KR 210 R2700 PRIMEKRC2 ED05£17,5002700mm210kgKUKA ROBOT R2700
KUKA KR240 L180KRC2 ED05£9,5003100mm180kgKuka KR 240L 210 S2000
KUKA KR240 R2500 PRIMEKRC4£17,5002500mm240kgKuka KR 240-2 S2000
KUKA KR360KRC2 ED05£15,0002826mm360kgKuka robot KR 240-2 S2000
KUKA KR360KRC2 ED05£15,0002826mm240kgKuka robot KR 240-2 S2000
KUKA KR360-2KRC2 ED05£15,0002826mm360kgKuka robot for sale KR 240-2 S2000
KUKA KR360 L240KRC2 ED05£15,0003326mm240kgKuka robot for sale KR 240-2 S2000
KUKA KR360 L280KRC2 ED05£15,0003076mm280kgused Kuka robot for sale KR 240-2 S2000
KUKA KR 40 PAKRC2 ED05£10,0002091mm40kgused Kuka robot for sale KR 40 PA
KUKA KR 180 PAKRC2 ED05£9,5003200mm180kgKUKA KR 180 PA S2000
KUKA KR5 Sixx R650KRC2 ED05£8,000650mm5kgKuka KR 5 ARC
KUKA KR5 Sixx R850KRC2 ED05£8,000850mm5kgKuka KR 5 ARC
KUKA KR500 L420KRC2 ED05£19,5003076mm420kgKuka robot KR 5 ARC

Why choose refurbished KUKA robots?

Choose refurbished KUKA robots for cost-effective, high-performance machinery. Moreover, they undergo inspection, repair, and restoration to their original state before resale, ensuring optimal performance with reduced waste for environmental sustainability. Hence, a smart investment to increase manufacturing effectiveness without compromising quality or expenses. Click the link to learn more: European Union: Industries Invest Heavily in Robotics.

At Robot Store, our passion is to provide our valued customers with certified refurbished robots that cater to their specific requirements and financial budgets. We are committed to delivering the best robotics solutions in the industry at affordable KUKA robot prices. Click the link below to learn more about our refurbished robots.

Get every single answers about KUKA Reconditioned robots here

KUKA is a highly reliable robot, whether it is new or reconditioned. The only difference is that refurbished robots are more affordable and provide a cost-effective solution for starting with robotic automation. The affordable KUKA robot prices vary based on the payload or reach required. However, you can purchase a reconditioned KUKA robot for half the price or less of a new robot.

The robot will be fully reconditioned at the same level of the year of production and operating hours don’t play a part in the condition of the robot.

The robots for refurbishment are kept in storage and then pulled out for reconditioning  when the order and the deposit is received. So, we don’t know what robot is going to be pulled out and when. We can not provide the year of robot and it is irrelevant because the robot will be fully refurbished.

All our robots are fully tested and refurbished before shipping.  The robot are also checked over for wear and if necessary any worm or defective parts are replaced.


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