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KUKA KRC2 KPS 600 – Robot HowTo Series

KUKA KRC2 KPS 600 (Power Supply 600V)

KUKA KRC2 KPS 600  Description

All KUKA Power Supply for KRC2 Controller. The board is supplied tested.

This unit generates both the 600Volts DC link to the motor drives and the 27Volts DC that powers the PC and the other controller equipment. It also handles the charging of the two lead-acid batteries.

See below for an overview of the 600V DC and 27V DC circuits:

KUKA robot  KRC2 KPS 600


Below is a diagram of the various connectors for KRC2 KPS 600 spares:

Connectors KUKA
robot system integration

Fault Diagnostics

For diagnostics the KPS 600 has several LEDs, below is a diagram showing the location of these diagnostic LEDs.

KUKA spares parts
Controller kuka parts


For removal of the KPS 600 see the guide below:

KPS 600 Connectors
KUKA parts
Loosen two locking screws as show on the photo
robot system integration
It is a good idea to disconnect the cable to the top of the ESC before trying to remove the KP600
KUKA spares
Pivot the KPS600 on its lower support to remove it from the back plate

Robot System Integration Solutions

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