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FANUC Robots

Fanuc Robots

We offer a wide range of FANUC used robots for sale from small to robust robots for any robot applications.  Articulated used robots such as palletising robots, arc welding robots, painting robots, pick and place robots, assembly robots, material handling robots and others.

Industrial robots are easy to operate and provide complete flexibility. All our reconditioned FANUC robots are fully tested before shipping to ensure we provide high standards certified reconditioned robots.


Price List of FANUC Used  Robots 

Most Popular Fanuc Robots

The M-2000 series

The strongest 6 axis robot on the market, the M-2000 series comes with a handling capacity of up to 2.3 t and a reach up to 4.7 m. For instance, this makes it the ideal choice for handling and palletising heavy parts. Therefore, its outstanding vertical 6.2 m lifting stroke and horizontal reach makes processing even the largest of workpieces easy. Especially suitable for the automotive or metal industries, these heavy payload robots lift complete cars efficiently and safely.

Fanuc Controller

Benefits of the R-J3iB include fast boot-up time, excellent connectivity, powerful programming language, built-in safety circuits, expandable I/O and bus options. For example, we have the following options:

R-2000iA/165F – The standard 165kg payload arm
R-2000iA/210F – The heavy-duty 210kg payload arm 
R-2000iA/125L – Long arm version giving extra reach

In fact, the R-2000iA comes with the Fanuc R-J3iB controller. See FANUC-M-2000iA operator manual.

Certified Fanuc Used Robots

Robot Store provides certified industrial Fanuc robots.  Also, we offer robot integration, robot programming and robot training, if required.  Also, we currently carry out robotic integration projects around the world per year ranging from single robot installations in small SMEs to multi-robot projects in the automotive industry.

Industrial used robots from different robot manufacture – ABB  robot, KUKA robots, FANUC used robots for sale – Also, we provide the parts in case of any breakdown – ABB robot spares, Fanuc Spares, Motoman Spares, KUKA robot parts.

Robot for Sale

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