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Our highly skilled technicians have the expertise to assist you with any FANUC robot-related issues. Robot Store provides prompt and reliable services for routine maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs, identifying and developing customized solutions. We offer ongoing support and training to maximize your FANUC robot’s performance and longevity, believing that outstanding robot support is crucial for your success. Contact us to learn more or check out our FANUC robot prices below.

Thank you for considering our reconditioned FANUC robots. We would like to inform you that due to high demand, our current stock may not always reflect inventory updates. However, we have a constant flow of robots being sold and are always happy to assist in finding the specific robot you need. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email if you need support in locating a particular model that is not listed. We look forward to helping you find the perfect reconditioned robot to meet your needs.

Reconditioned FANUC Robots for Sale

Affordable and reliable reconditioned FANUC robots are available. Furthermore, our robots undergo thorough inspection and testing to ensure safety and performance. They are ideal for manufacturing, assembly, welding, packaging, and other applications. We are a leading provider of industrial automation solutions with unparalleled customer service and support. Browse our selection now to discover great value for FANUC robot prices.

Robot ModelControllerPriceReachCapacityPhoto
Fanuc 100iB RJ3iBRJ3iB£7,5001,373mm6kgFanuc reconditioned robots
Fanuc 120iBe RJ3iBRJ3iB£9,5001667mm20kgFanuc 120iB RJ3iB Controller
Fanuc 120iC R30iA ControllerR30iA£10,0001811mm20kgFanuc reconditioned robots
Fanuc R2000iA 125L RJ3iBRJ3iB£10,0003000mm125kgFanuc R-2000iA 125L R-J3iB
Fanuc R2000iA 165F RJ3iBRJ3iB£10,0002650mm210kg
Fanuc R2000iA 210F RJ3iBRJ3iB£10,0002650mm165kgFanuc reconditioned robots
Fanuc R2000iB 165L R30iAR30iA£12,0002655mm165kg
Fanuc R2000iB 165F RJ3iCRJ3iC£12,0002655mm165kgFanuc reconditioned robots
Fanuc R2000iB 210F R30iAR30iA£12,0002655mm210kg
Fanuc R2000iB 210F RJ3iCRJ3iC£12,0002655mm210kgFanuc reconditioned robots
Fanuc M410iB 300 RJ3iBRJ2£13,0002.4m120kgFanuc-410iB
Fanuc LR Mate 200iD R30iBR30iB Mate£11,000810mmFanuc reconditioned robots
Fanuc LR Mate 200iCR30iA Mate£10,000650mmFanuc S-420iL
Fanuc M900iA 260L R30iAR30iA£19,5003100mm260kgFanuc reconditioned robots
Fanuc M900iA 350 R30iAR30iA£19,5002650mm350kg
Fanuc M900iAL 600 R30iAR30iA£29,5002832mm600kgFanuc reconditioned robots
Fanuc M-20iA R30iAR30iA£14,0001811mm20kgFanuc reconditioned robots
Fanuc M-6iB 2HSRJ3ib£7,000900mm6kg
Fanuc M-6iB 6sRJ3ib£7,000900mmFanuc reconditioned robots
Fanuc M-710iC 70R30iA£16,5002050mm70kg
Fanuc M-710iC 20LR30iA£16,5003110mm20kgFanuc reconditioned robots
Fanuc M-710iB 45RJ3iB£10,0001706mm45kgFanuc reconditioned robots

FANUC refurbished robots benefit supply chain manufacturers

Our reconditioned FANUC robots can benefit all industries in the supply chain, including automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, and plastic manufacturing. Don’t miss our FANUC robot prices available at great value.

Manufacturing businesses that are part of the supply chain can benefit significantly from integrating refurbished FANUC robots. These robots have been restored to their original factory specifications by highly trained technicians, making them an ideal solution for companies looking to improve productivity and efficiency without incurring the high cost of purchasing new robots. FANUC robots are known for their reliability, precision, and speed. With the ability to perform a wide range of tasks, they offer many benefits to supply chain manufacturers, including higher quality products, increased production rates, lower errors, and a lower total cost of ownership.

Therefore, incorporating refurbished FANUC robots into their operations enables businesses to maintain their competitive edge and keep up with new technologies and industry standards. Regardless of the industry, including automotive, aerospace, food and beverages, or the plastic industry, our reconditioned FANUC robots can help continue the growth of manufacturing.  Click the following link to learn more: “Labor Shortage: How to Automate Small and Midsized Enterprises”

Why Reconditioned Robots?

Reconditioned robots are cost-effective and reliable options for your business. They come at a reasonable price and have been thoroughly inspected and tested. With warranties included, they are a perfect fit for your business needs. Browse our selection now to find Fanuc robot prices.

At the Robot Store, we offer certified refurbished robots customized to your requirements and budget. Connect with our skilled integrators and explore our customizable robot automation packages. Click below to learn more, or contact us for any questions or concerns.


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