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Robot Store was established in 2017 to deliver affordable used industrial robots or refurbished robots and distribute industrial robot parts. According to statistics, used robots for sale continues growing and we can help larger or SME’s manufacturer to keep competitive. As a result, we have a vast selection of robotic arms for sale for any industry applications. 

Robotic Integrator

Also, we are a robotic systems integrator, serving in the United Kingdom and globally. We provide solutions to our customers and keep downtime and subsequent disruption to a minimum by providing a larger inventory of second-hand robots duly certified. For example, we a larger stock mainly of ABB reconditioned robots, KUKA reconditioned robots, Fanuc reconditioned robots. We take pride in our quality customer support and our long-term relationships built on trust.

Our CEO has over twenty years of experience with industrial robotics as both programmer and project manager. Everything started in the early 1990s working with S2 ABB robotic at the Ford Dagenham plant. Following this period, he relocated to France and spent the next twelve years working on many Industrial Arm projects as a project manager, programmer and PLCs.

Our CEO uses his professional skills and knowledge to provide the best and affordable Robot Store in the world.  Therefore, we deliver the best solutions for your system automation project.

Fanuc Robots in Trnava

He moved to Slovakia in my position as overall project manager for the three paint lines in the new Peugeot plant being built in Trnava by 2015 (28 Fanuc arm, controls and spray equipment). After that, he moves back to the UK in his role as a training manager at Kuka Robotics Ltd.

Others Projects

  • Project manage the new paint shop in Shenzhen, China again for Peugeot in 2011. (Controls and Electrical for conveyors, pre-treatment, e-coat, ovens and booths).
  • This project was completed in 2012 and he carries working as both project manager and programmer on different robotic automation and robotic projects.

In parallel to the robotic automation work in 2010, he joined forces with Mark Holt Special Effects to introduce the use of KUKA Robot into the film industry carrying out special effects stunts. Buy Your Next Robot Here!


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We are proud to say that our main goal is that your production line to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Likewise, we would identify the best robot solution for your specific application requirements. We will help you to choose the right industrial robot for you.

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