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Milling Robots

Cutting, Drilling or Milling Robots Applications

Cutting, Drilling and Milling robots are the most common manufacturing applications for removing material.  Also, moulding a structure to a specific design. For instance, milling robots are capable to perform a consistent task and precise cuts with high-end quality parts.

The end arm tooling of the robot can have a flexible design to add different tools for specific material removal. You only need to adjust the programming of the robot and end of tooling.

Choose the right Milling Robot Systems

When purchasing a milling robot, a robot integrator may recommend other robotic equipment for the operation task.  For example, the rack tool designed to have multiple part fixtures to perform the milling operation.  Also, the robot milling cell design, safety devices, and tool rack make milling operation secure for robot operators.

Increase production in a safe way is one of the main advantages of any robot application, for example cutting robots, drilling, grinding or deburring.

Therefore, whether you want to install a new robot or refurbish robot you need a reliable integration company because they may vary between brand. Consult with a robot integrator, they can help you to reduce costs.

Automated Tasks

Affordable industrial arm means more manufacturers starting to use robotic in different applications in the manufacturing process. However, if you’re nervous or you don’t know if a robot cell is the best decision for your business, you may want to consult with an integrator.

A robot integrator understands how to maximise the robots for the best production results by designing a customise robot cell and investing in the right automated equipment.

Robotic Automated Equipment

  • The vision system
  • End-effectors
  • The layout of the cell
  • Safety equipment

Robots offer peace-of-mind because they produce high-quality work, and they can be reprogrammed for a broad range of applications and they are predictable.

Additionally, robots are reconditioned to extend their life but to maximise the return on investment and saving costs when purchasing a robot. However, it is important to choose reliable equipment for the robot.

Milling Robot Systems Free Consultant

Phoenix can help you to choose the right robot milling cell based on your requirements, part fixtures, safety components or any other tailored equipment for the robot automation. Therefore, we work with all robot manufacturers such as ABB, KUKA, FANUC, and others.

We do not sell industrial robots, we choose the robot according to the specification and based on the application to be performed. Contact our integrator for a free consultation. Also, we provide world-class customer support before and after the installation of the robot.

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Robot Milling Manufacturers

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