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Why Refurbished ABB Robot?

ABB robots for sale can be tailored to meet a plant’s unique requirements. In fact, ABB robot arms come ready for integration into a world of the manufacturing process by allowing production improvement and high-quality results.  Likewise, ABB robots are helping companies to have a quick return on investment while saving costs.

Collaborative Robot YuMi, 7 axis robot, it is an agile and small collaborative robot, making it easier than ever to put into production.  This 7-axis robot is widely used to add a parts feed or inspection station to an assembly robot cell. Additionally, easy to set up, programming and training.  Robot Store can help you with your next collaborative robot project or ABB MIG welding robots

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New ABB Robots or Refurbished ABB robots

Most Popular ABB Robots

IRB 6400

The ABB IRB 6400 is one of the most installed robots in the world the 6400R is the latest revision of this arm.

150kg2.5mThe standard IRB 6400R model
120kg2.5mFitted with different axis 3 motor and modified parameters (2)
200kg 2.5mFitted with uprates axis 2 motors (1), (2)
150kg 2.8mFitted with 345mm upper arm extension (1), (2)
200kg 2.8mFitted with uprated axis 2 motor and 458kg weight – (2)
100kg 3.0mFitted with various axis 3 motor 550mm robot extension and 309kg  weight

(1) heavier 309kg balance weight  (2) some axis slightly faster

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IRB Robot 6600

The IRB 6600 family includes 8 robot configurations including the IRB 6620 and IRB 6650 models different configurations:

175kg2.55mIRB 6600
225kg2.55mIRB 6600
175kg2.8mIRB 6600
150kg2.2mIRB 6620
125kg3.2mIRB 6650

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IRB 4400

The ABB IRB 4400 is available in 4 different configurations, the standard and 60kg versions being the most common. 

45kg1.95mThe standard IRB 4400-45 model
60kg1.95mThe larger payload IRB 4400-60 version
30kg2.46mThe IRB 4400L-30 is a 30kg payload longer arm version
10kg2.55mThe  IRB 4400L-10 has an even longer arm version with a 10kg payload

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ABB reconditioned robots

ABB Robot Arm Controllers

The S4C controller is a further development of the S4, the “C” stands for compact and indeed this type of controller is substantially smaller and lower than the S4. Although much of the computer system remained the same some updates were made to both hardware and software, especially on the later M98 S4C. Therefore, the S4C controller is well regarded for its stability and reliability and has a very fast boot-up time, much faster than many current models giving minimum downtime

S4C+ has a PC style computer that allows greater connectivity and has much greater power than its predecessors. Similarities to the S4C include the servo drive system, the programming language and teach pendant.

ABB refurbished robots

Used Robot for Sale

Robot Store provides a selection of used ABB robots for sale. Our robots are fully tested before shipping, our management team provides support and help you to select the robot that best meets the requirement.  We also provide the integration, if required, to ensure the success of the robot purchase, we are not tied to any specific robot manufacturer.

All robots are refurbished, tested, and repainted before shipping and provide 3 months warranty. However,  most used industrial robots have around 20,000 hours but it may vary. See also ABB statistics, Original ABB spares, KUKA Robots for sale

Used ABB robots for sale

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