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We would like to kindly remind you that there is currently an extremely high demand for reconditioned robots. We are proud to state that we have a large number of robots in stock and are constantly processing orders, ensuring a constant throughput. However, given the high demand, it is possible that our inventory is not always fully updated, and may not reflect the availability of some models. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to reach out to us via email if you are unable to find the specific robot you need. Our team of experts will promptly respond to your inquiry and provide any assistance necessary to help fulfill your requirements.

Please follow these steps to purchase your desired industrial robot:

  1. Choose the robot that you require from the list below.
  2. Send an email to with the necessary information about the robot you want to buy.
  3. Include your contact details in the email and any additional questions you may have.
  4. We will confirm the price, its availability, delivery fee and provide payment instructions.  We will respond to your email within the same day.

The ABB robots have been expertly restored to their original condition, ensuring top performance and reliability. Our rigorous testing guarantees the highest quality standards. Investing in reconditioned ABB robots offers a range of benefits, as it is a cost-effective solution for your business without sacrificing quality. Moreover, installing reconditioned ABB robots reduces lead time and contributes to a more sustainable future.

Our support team provides comprehensive training to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. Therefore, choosing the investment in ABB reconditioned robots is a smart decision that enhances productivity, increases efficiency and improves profitability. Choose ABB to take your business to the next level.

Reconditioned ABB Robots

ABB reconditioned robots may have different levels of refurbishment, so it is important to understand the condition of the robot before purchasing. Robot Store provides a range of services for their reconditioned robots, from basic cleaning and testing to complete refurbishment. Additionally, our ABB robot prices are affordable.

Robot ModelControllerPriceReachCapacityPhoto
ABB IRB 4400S4C+£12,0002,050mm60kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 4400 L30S4C+£14,5002,430mm30kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRC 6640IRC5£17,0003,200mm130kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRC 6640IRC5£17,0002,720mm205kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 1400
S4C+£8,5001440mm5kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 6400RS4C+£10,0002.5m200kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 6400RIRC5£13,0002.5m200kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 1400

IRC5£12,5001440mm5kgABB reconditioned robots
S4C+£12,0002,905mm160kgABB reconditioned robots
S4C+£9,000810mm6kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 340 FlexpickerIRC5£9,0001130mm1kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 360IRC5£10,0001130mm3kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 360IRC5£10,0001130mm1kgABB IRB 360-1 Flexpicker M2004
ABB IRB 6400RS4C+£10,0002.5m150kgABB IRB 6400R 2.5/150 M2000

ABB IRB 2400LS4C+£10,0001,500mm10kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 2400LS4C+£10,0001.8000m7kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 4400S4C+£12,0002,050mm45kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 4400LS4C+£12,0002.55m10kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 4400LS4C+£12,5002.46m30kgABB IRB 4400L 30 M2000
ABB IRB 6600IRC5£13,5002.55m225kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 140IRC5£13,000810mm6kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 6400RS4C+£10,0002.8m150kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 6400RS4C+£10,0002.8m200kgABB IRB 6400R 2.5/150 M2000
ABB IRB 6400RIRC5£13,0002.8m200kgABB IRB 6400R 2.5/150 M2000
ABB IRB 1600IRC5£13,5001.2m6kgABB IRB 1600 1.2/7 M2004
ABB IRB 1600IRC5£13,5001.45m5kgABB IRB 1600 1.45/6 M2004
ABB IRB 1600 IDIRC5£13,500ABB IRB 1600 1.45/6 M2004
ABB IRB 6600 600IDIRC5£13,500ABB IRB 1600 1.45/7 M2004
ABB IRB 6600IRC5£12,0002.55m175kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 6600S4C+£11,0002.55m225kgABB IRB 6600 2.8/175 M2000
ABB IRB 6600IRC5£16,0002.55m250kgABB IRB 6600 2.8/175 M2000
ABB IRB 6650S4C+£12,5002.75m200kgABB IRB 6650 2.75/200 M2000
ABB IRB 2400S4C+£10,0001500mm16kgABB IRB 2400-16 M2004
ABB IRB 2400IRC5£14,5001500mm16kgABB IRB 2400-16 M2004
ABB IRB 6400RS4C+£10,000 3,000mm100kgABB IRB 2400-16 M2004
ABB IRB 7600
S4C+£12,0002.5m500kgABB IRB 7600 2.3/500 M2000
ABB IRB 7600
IRC5£17,0002.5m500kgABB IRB 7600 2.3/500 M2000
ABB IRB 7600
S4C+£15,5002.55m400kgABB IRB 7600 2.55/400 M2000
ABB IRB 7600
S4C+£12,0003.10m325kgABB IRB 7600 2.55/400 M2000
ABB IRB 7600
IRC5£17,0003.10m325kgABB IRB 7600 2.55/400 M2000
ABB IRB 7600
S4C+£12,0003.5m150kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 7600
IRC5£17,0003.5m150kgABB IRB 7600 2.55/400 M2000
ABB IRB 660IRC5£16,0003.15m250kgABB IRB660
ABB IRB 6640
IRC5£17,0002.55m180kgABB IRB 6640
ABB IRB 6640
IRC5£18,5002.8m185kgABB IRB 6640
ABB IRB 6640
IRC5£17,0002.55m235kgABB IRB 6640
IRC5£13,5002.55m200kgABB IRB 6640
ABB IRB 6640IRC5£17,0002.75mm205kgABB IRB 6640 3.2/130 M2004
ABB IRB 6650 IDIRC5£10,0002,75mm170kgABB IRB 6640 3.2/130 M2004
ABB IRB 6650S4C+£12,5002,750mm200kgABB IRB 6640 3.2/130 M2004
ABB IRB 6650 IRC5£15,5002,750mm200kgABB reconditioned robots
S4C+£13,0003.0mm200kgABB IRB 6640 3.2/130 M2004
IRC5£15,5003.0mm200kgABB IRB 6640 3.2/130 M2004
ABB IRB 6600S4C+£11,0002.550mm1225kgABB IRB 6600 2.55/225 M2004
ABB IRB 6600IRC5£12,0002.55m225kgABB IRB 6600 2.55/225 M2004
ABB IRB 6600IRC5£13,5002.8m175kgABB IRB 6600 2.8/175 M2004
ABB IRB 7600IRC5£17,5002.55m400kgABB IRB 7600 2.55/400 M2004
ABB IRB 7600IRC5£17,0002.8m340kgABB reconditioned robots
ABB IRB 6400RS4C+£10,0002.5M120kgABB IRB 6400R 2.5/120 M99
ABB IRB 4400 L30IRC5£14,5002,430mm30kgABB IRB 4400L 30 M2004
ABB IRB 4600IRC5£16,0002,500mm20kgABB reconditioned robots

Why to invest in ABB Reconditioned robots?

Consider reconditioned ABB robots. Our experts help you integrate them for optimal efficiency. Contact us for the best ABB robot prices.

Investing in reconditioned ABB industrial robots is a smart and cost-effective decision. Moreover, they can handle heavy manufacturing processes, which makes them ideal for cramped production lines. Additionally, our smaller ABB robots are precise, adaptable, and well-equipped to manage intricate manufacturing tasks. We are experts in the field and have the knowledge to assist you through every step of the integration process.

Our dedicated team provides high-quality and dependable service, ensuring that your production line is optimized with the appropriate robot. Furthermore, we can help you discover the right ABB reconditioned robot, whether it’s new or reconditioned. Contact us today to learn more about how our reconditioned ABB robots can improve efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in your operation.

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Why Reconditioned Robots?

Consider reconditioned robots for cost savings, reliable performance, and environmentally-friendly options. Additionally, these robots are refurbished by expert professionals ensuring their excellent working condition. Consequently, buying one not only benefits businesses with a limited budget or looking to expand their operations but also promotes sustainability by reducing waste. Therefore, explore the advantages of reconditioned robots when considering a new addition to your production line.

Robot Store offers certified reconditioned robots that match your needs and budget. Therefore, we suggest our clients get in touch with a robot integrator before purchasing a robot to ensure they receive what they need. Benefit from our great ABB robot prices and stay informed on UK robotics news. Click to learn more.

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